Hirschmann system accessories for FiberINTERFACES offer practical and workable solutions that are perfectly adapted to the product in question, enabling easy assembly while ensuring secure power supply. Several reasons why there is only one optimum addition to our field buses and digital modules: Hirschmann DIN rail power supplies, plug-in power supplies and DIN rail adapters.

This is one-stop shopping that saves real money. You not only benefit from a complete solution that has been thought through to the last detail, but you also benefit from our worldwide distribution network. This way you don’t just have the latest technology working for you … you also get time on your side.

Power supply and mechanical adapter


DIN Rail Power Supplies

Power supplies with output voltage 24 VDC for standard switches or 48 VDC for PoE-switches with various output power


Plug-in Power Supplies

Power supplies for fiber-optic converters for serial signals


Mounting accessoiries

Mechanical adapters for fiber-optic converters and fiber-optic fieldbus repeaters

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