Hirschmann’s GDM-Series Valve Connectors Offer a Safe Solution for Increasing Productivity

Hirschmann’s GDM-Series Valve Connectors are quick to assemble and offer high operational safety by protecting downstream electronic components. They are also easy to maintain thanks to the visualization of the operating status.


High safety by protecting downstream electronic components, plus easy supervision due to visualization of the operating status.

High Level of Operational Safety

  • The ability to facilitate reliable power supplies and secure data transmission results in the protection of downstream electronic components


  • Wide connection area creates the ability to assemble the connectors on site

Secure Solution

  • High level of shock and vibration resistance coupled with protection ratings up to IP68 guarantees maximum functional security

Hirschmann GDM-series valve connectors are particularly suitable for use in machine building, automation and equipment manufacturing. They facilitate both reliable power supplies and secure data transmission for components such as magnetic values, pressure transducers, temperature sensors and flow monitors: integrated protective circuitry ensures that downstream electronic components are unaffected by voltage surges or electromagnetic interference.

Functionally Reliable and Easy to Maintain

The newly developed Hirschmann GDM-Series Valve Connectors are offered in type A and are available either with protective circuitry or in a version with additional LEDs. Both versions provide maximum protection for machine building, automation and equipment manufacturing applications. The connection technology comes from Hirschmann’s tried-and-tested GDML-series. These valve connectors are able to provide secure solutions for a wide range of environmental conditions thanks to their configurability.

Easy connection of cables and reliable contacting ensure increased productivity, while the wide range of cable gauges – from finely stranded to solid conductors – offers maximum flexibility.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Provides protection degree IP67
  • Non slip-surface on both sides for easy handling
  • Highly resistant against mechanical vibration and shock
  • Complete series approved by VDE
  • Optional UL2238 approval (in combination with strain relief)
  • 20 different electronic inserts as protective circuitry for downstream electronics (also with LED indication)
  • Latest PCB and connection technology
  • Wide temperature range from -40 °C to +90 °C
  • Design concept allows high flexibility in usage
  • Broad range of accessories


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