Industrial Wireless LAN Access Points, Clients and Bridges

For Fast and Stable Wireless Connections in Harsh Industrial Environments.


The Hirschmann™ BAT Family.

The Hirschmann™ BAT Family includes a broad portfolio of Access Points and Clients that work seamlessly together. For maximum mobility, flexibility and network availability in today’s industrial environments.

  • Built-in Clear Space® technology and ESD protection for maximum reliability in industrial environments
  • Rugged housing for installation on DIN rails, walls or poles, IP30 or IP65 /67 ingress protection
  • Extended temperature range: -40°C to at least +70°C
  • Open platform provides maximum flexibility
  • Up to 2 built-in wireless interfaces which support WLAN with 802.11n
  • Multiple power supplies available, including Power over Ethernet (802.3af)
  • IEEE802.11i with PSK, LEPS, 802.1x and RADIUS for maximum WLAN security

The BAT family products are ideally suited for:

  • Harsh conditions in indoor and outdoor industrial applications where the units are exposed to moisture, cold or extreme heat
  • Applications where high operational reliability and redundancy are a must
  • Installations where the devices must meet very stringent EMC and noise immunity requirements
  • High-security networks that offer segmentation and authentication in addition to basic WLAN functionality

Product overview: Industrial Wireless LAN devices with cutting-edge technology.


BAT Chassis

Industrial Wireless LAN Access Points and Clients as well as Industrial Dualband ruggedized WLAN Access Points und Clients.

WLAN Antennen / Antennas

BAT Antennas

The huge diversity of omnidirectional anntenna, directional antenna, vehicle omni antenna and leaky cable offers the ideal solution for your application.

New BAT Antenna Portfolio.
Hirschmann™ changed its BAT Antenna portfolio. See all new devices and previous products in the following comparison chart. Find all details about the new antenna portfolio in new Antenna Guide.

Zubehör / Accessories Industrial Wireless LAN

BAT Overvoltage Protection, Adaptors and Antenna Cables

With BAT accessories and antennas, all components for a complete WLAN installation are available.

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