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The entry-level rail switches in the SPIDER family are remarkable for their variety and excellent price-performance ratio. This makes them ideal for smaller networks and the fringe areas of larger ones, where managed switches are not required.

  • Extremely economical, thanks to favorably priced ports
  • Easy to operate, thanks to plug-and-work, LEDs to signal the device status, and visualization using the network management software Industrial HiVision
  • The robust design guarantees maximum reliability, ensuring smooth production processes

Your Benefits

The entry-level rail switches in the SPIDER range allow economical solutions for a variety of automation scenarios. You are bound to find a switch that perfectly meets your needs among the more than 25 variants – and at a relatively low acquisition cost per port. Startup is simply plug-and-work – no special IT skills are needed. LEDs on the front panel indicate the device and network status. The switches can also be visualized using the Hirschmann™ network management software Industrial HiVision. Above all, it is the robust design of all the devices in the SPIDER range that offers maximum reliability to guarantee smooth production processes.

SPIDER Entry-Level Switches from Hirschmann™

Unmanaged SPIDER Rail Switches are available with two to sixteen twisted-pair ports, plus optional fiber-optic ports for single or multimode fibers, which support Fast Ethernet (10/100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX). In the version used as an SFP slot, both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic transceivers are supported. The high operational reliability of the devices, which can be mounted on top-hat rails, is due to their fanless cooling and extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C. As industry-standard switches, they naturally come with a 24-V power supply. Gigabit variants are also available, either with only twisted-pair ports (10/100/1000 BASE-TX) or twisted-pair combined with SFP slots for fiber-optic transceivers (1000BASE-SX/LX), plus versions supporting quality of service (IEEE 802.1D) and jumbo frames. The SPIDER range can therefore also be used for applications that were previously reserved for managed switches.

The entry-level rail switches in the SPIDER family are particularly at home in mechanical and plant engineering. They do, however, also allow reliable, flexible and economical solutions in many other industries, including the oil and gas sector, and wind and solar power generation farms. Some SPIDER designs support quality of service (as per IEEE 802.1D) and can therefore also be used in PROFINET applications – for example in the automotive industry. Other switches support jumbo frames and specialize in video applications such as surveillance. A number of the switches also carry e1 approval from the "Kraftfahrt Bundesamt", which qualifies them for use on buses, for instance.

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Product Description

The SPIDER range from Hirschmann™, which now includes more than 25 devices, allows cost-effective entry into Industrial Ethernet technology, because these robust entry-level switches can be used in numerous applications, wherever devices in linear or star topology networks are to be connected via unmanaged switches. Thanks to their compact design, these switches can be easily installed in switch cabinets. Since they can be cascaded to any depth, they can also be used to set up local structured networks with short transmission distances. Fiber-optic versions available for large distances allow reliable bridging of up to 128 km – and even strong electromagnetic fields pose no problem.

Benefits at a Glance

A wide range of versions for different media and transmission speeds offers maximum flexibility.

  • The wide range of variants allows optimal solutions for different application scenarios (such as integration into PROFINET applications)
  • Extremely economical, thanks to favorably priced ports
  • Fast Ethernet versions with up to eight sixteen twisted-pair ports plus optional fiber-optic ports for single or multimode fibers or dual-speed SFP Transceivers
  • Gigabit variants are optionally combined with SFP slots for fiber-optic transceivers and/or features such as quality of service and jumbo frames
  • IP30 protection standard
  • Compact metal housing (only SPIDER II 16TX xx)
  • Redundant 24 V power supply (only SPIDER II 16TX xx)
  • Wide range of applications facilitated by the robust design and approvals for potentially
  • Explosive atmospheres (ATEX, ISA 12.12.01) (only SPIDER II 16TX xx)
  • Extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C (applies only to EEC versions)
  • High resistance to shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference
  • Top-hat rail mounting and fast startup (plug-and-work)
  • LEDs for monitoring device and network status
  • Environmentally-friendly low power consumption
  • High-availability network, thanks to high MTBF
  • Visualization in the network management software Industrial HiVision from Hirschmann™
  • Optimized for Ethernet cables from Belden and all switches from the Hirschmann™ range.

Product Overview

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The entry-level Industrial Ethernet Rail switches in the SPIDER family are a cost-effective way of utilizing Ethernet technology.


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