Managed Industrial DIN Rail Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Switches – RSPE-Expandable

Thanks to a range of media modules, the managed industrial Ethernet switches in the new RSPE family offer maximum flexibility, a future-proof network design and best-possible investment protection. Standardized redundancy protocols with no data loss technology, combined with comprehensive security mechanisms, precise synchronization and optional Layer 3 software, ensure 100 percent availability for data communication and high productivity for systems and machines.

  • Future-proof network design and best-possible investment protection
  • Maximum productivity for machines and systems
  • All-around protection against network attacks and operating errors

Your Benefits

Permanent access to systems and machines is an absolute prerequisite for profitable business processes. The world of automation, however, is changing rapidly. The switches in the RSPE family enable your data communication to keep pace at all times. Thanks to their modular concept, they provide maximum flexibility, a future-proof network design and best-possible investment protection. What's more, you can always be confident of enjoying the highest possible performance. These RSPE switches boast uninterruptible redundancy protocols, comprehensive security mechanisms and precise synchronization, supporting reliable networking even with applications that have rigorous real-time requirements.

Hirschmann™ Industrial Ethernet-Switch RSPE

Based on Belden's tried-and-tested RSP family, the new managed RSPE switches guarantee highly available data communication and precise time synchronization in accordance with IEEE1588v2. They also allow flexible installations in which the network design can be quickly adapted to cope with changing application needs. Because media modules can be added to the basic switch devices in next to no time, practical and cost-effective solutions are guaranteed. Modules are available with different numbers of twisted pair and SFP ports, plus PoE/PoE+ support. When it comes to implementing future-proof, high-performance networks, the switches leave almost nothing to be desired.

The RSPE switches are the devices of choice whenever future-proof solutions are required to deliver maximum network availability even under extreme environmental conditions. Specially certified for a range of application scenarios, the switches guarantee highly available and cost-effective applications in the energy sector – from power transmission and distribution through to power generation from renewable energy sources. They can be used equally well in other branches of industry, such as transportation, road and rail traffic, cable cars, ports and airports.

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Product Description

The compact and extremely robust RSPE switches comprise a basic device with eight twisted pair ports and four combination ports that support Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet. The basic device – optionally available with the HSR (High-Availability Seamless Redundancy) and PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) uninterruptible redundancy protocols, plus precise time synchronization in accordance with IEEE 1588 v2 - can be extended to provide up to 28 ports by adding two media modules. Different combinations of copper or fiber ports (plus PoE/PoE+) can be selected depending on the module type. The RSPE switches also provide comprehensive management, diagnostic and filtering features, as well as numerous redundancy methods, bringing all-around security to your network. The Layer 3 version offers full wired speed IPv4 routing with lowest latency. Further features include an extended operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, high vibration resistance and broad immunity to electrostatic discharges.

Benefits at a Glance

These flexible RSPE switches enable you to reduce costs by future-proofing your high-performance networks.

  • Future-proof design and best-possible investment protection thanks to the maximum flexibility provided by the media modules
  • Up to 28 ports, thereof 24 Fast Ethernet plus 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for twisted pair cable and fiber optic cable (via SFP)
  • Maximum productivity for systems and machines thanks to completely interruption-free data communications
  • Router redundancy, static port and VLAN based routing for increased reliability and security
  • Comprehensive security mechanisms bringing all-around network protection
  • Reliable networking of applications with rigorous real-time requirements thanks to precise time synchronization in accordance with IEEE 1588 v2
  • Cost-effective powering of devices via PoE/PoE+
  • Comprehensive management, diagnosis and filter functions
  • Broad immunity to electrostatic discharges plus high vibration resistance
  • Operating temperature range from -40° C to +70° C (standard model: 0°C to +60°C)
  • Compact stainless steel housing for DIN rail mounting
  • Special certifications:
    - Energy sector: IEC 61850-3, IEEE 1613
    - Hazardous areas: ISA-12.12.-01 Class 1 Div. 2 Group A, B, C, D
    - Safety applications: EN61131, EN60950, UL61010-1/-2-201
    - Marine: GL - Germanischer Lloyd Compass Safe Distance
    - Transportation: NEMA TS2, EN 50121-4
  • Can be ideally combined with all Ethernet products from Hirschmann™, GarrettCom™ and Belden®

Product Overview

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Managed RSPE switches

These flexible RSPE switches enable you to reduce costs future-proofing your high-performance networks.

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