WLAN Firmware with “Near Wired Connection" Reliability

Hirschmann HiLCOS 8.9 wireless firmware incorporates Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) technology to increase the reliability of the wireless connection.

HiLCOS 8.9 is the latest version of WLAN firmware to manage Hirschmann’s highly successful range of OpenBAT industrial wireless devices. As an industry first it incorporates Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) technology into a wireless product.

  • Increased reliability
    PRP technology, already used in wired applications, is totally new for an access point. The use of PRP can increase the reliability of a wireless connection and/or network significantly.
  • Saving on hardware
    There is also a saving on additional hardware as a PRP-Redundancy-Box is no longer needed.

Faster and easier to manage
The new firmware includes Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC) as well as extensive management, redundancy and security functions.

  • Faster
    OKC provides fast authentication between several Access Points (fast roaming) in a network, where the access points are under common administrative control.

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Innovative Hirschmann HiLCOS 8.9 Firmware Significantly Improves Wireless Message Transmission Dependability

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