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Hirschmann presents the new HiOS 5.0 operating system for industrial Ethernet switches

Hirschmann Operation System HiOS 5.0 offers powerful security and redundancy functionalities for all industrial applications

The new HiOS 5.0 software offers increased security through standard authentication mechanisms and user-definable roles.

A redundant network topology is a key contributor to total network availability. HiOS provides the latest state-of-the-art protocols, plus backwards compatibility with widely deployed proprietary protocols.

Mirroring data to a network analyzer is an essential fault finding tool. HiOS encompasses advanced mirroring techniques, to simplify the network administrator’s task.



  • Authentication, the process of identifying a person, is a key security function. HiOS previously offered RADIUS. This latest version of HiOS offers LDAP, enabling single sign-on across an organization, for example using Windows credentials.


  • Device Level Ring (DLR) is a widely used topology redundancy mechanism in Allen Bradley networks. Hirschmann now offers DLR on a wider variety of network switches than any other manufacturer.
  • HIPER Ring is a proprietary redundancy protocol deployed in many Hirschmann networks throughout the world. HiOS now offers HIPER Ring compatibility, ensuring users can expand existing networks with minimum disruption.

Fault Finding

  • To facilitate fault finding, HiOS offers multiple ports to single port mirroring (N:1), as well as VLAN mirroring.
  • RSPAN allows network administrators to mirror traffic from one switch, across the network, to another switch. This speeds up fault finding, because the administrator does not waste time by changing location.

Details about the new HiOS 5.0 software can be found at:

New Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin HiOS 5.0

HiOS 5.0 is a new software release that offers additional functions for the latest generation of Hirschmann’s industrial Ethernet switches.

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