Hirschmann OWL LTE Industrial Cellular Router

Hirschmann OWL LTE Industrial Cellular Router for secure and reliable remote access

Get increased routing functionality and advanced security – all with the convenience of remote monitoring and troubleshooting. The OWL LTE Industrial Cellular Router is specifically designed for reliable wireless mobile network communication. Flexible, quick to install and easy to customize, OWL LTE works with LTE, HSPA+, UMTS, EDGE or GPRS technologies.

router delivers a user friendly, cost-effective solution that’s perfect for machine builders, system integrators and automation vendors.


Reliable remote access

  • minimizes time-consuming onsite visits and saves costs by enabling customers to remotely monitor and control widely distributed machines, industrial equipment and mobile applications

Optimal network performance

  • redundancy provided by dual SIM cards and two Ethernet ports guarantees the highest network availability in harsh conditions

Best-in-class integrated firewall protection

  • addresses growing security concerns

High speed data transfer (LTE) and rich set of interfaces

  • (RS232, USB interface, Digital I/Os, SD card slot and an integrated GPS module) – make the product very flexible for different applications

Easily configurable and customizable

  • intuitive web interface for configuration and open LINUX platform for advanced customization

More details about the new OWL Industrial Cellular Router can be found here:

New Product Bulletin

Industrieller Mobilfunkrouter OWL LTE

New single box solution for routing and security provides protected and reliable remote access in an increasingly connected world.

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