The new OCTOPUS OS32 from Hirschmann™ is the first waterproof switch with SFP transceivers

Cost-effective connection of terminal equipment to high-performance backbones even under extreme operating conditions

The new managed OCTOPUS OS32 switch enables you to use Gigabit fiber optic cables to flexibly connect terminal equipment to high-performance backbones, even in demanding environments. This switch can be equipped with SFP transceivers, which means that you only pay for the equipment your application really needs.


You can also choose between versions with 8 or 16 Fast Ethernet ports. The PoE function of the OCTOPUS OS32 allows you to power terminal equipment such as IP cameras, VoIP telephones or WLAN access points at comparatively low cost. Extensive management and security methods, as well as fast redundancy mechanisms ensure maximum network availability.

The OCTOPUS OS32 offers two IP54-rated SFP slots that you can optionally equip with transceivers for single-mode or multimode fibers at Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet speed. Up to 16 Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 BASE TX) with vibration-proof, D-coded M12 connection technology are available for connecting terminal equipment. The design, without any parts that are subject to wear, and the option to be powered by two independent 48 V power supply units guarantees a high level of operational safety at all times.

The switch’s robust metal housing is able to withstand even the harshest conditions, because the OCTOPUS OS32 is immune to both water and vibration and unaffected by extreme heat or cold. The switch is therefore ideal for use worldwide. They also fulfill the stringent EMC and fire prevention requirements of the European standards that govern use in rail vehicles.

You can use the OCTOPUS OS32 wherever the highest level of reliability and performance is demanded, for instance in mechanical engineering. Since the switch can also be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET and EtherNet/IP environments they are also eminently suitable for automotive plant installations.

In rail applications you can use the OCTOPUS OS32 to implement future-proof solutions for increased passenger safety and comfort, for example, by installing additional IP cameras transmitting real-time high-definition images, as well as offering multimedia applications, for instance via faster internet access. In addition, the switch can be installed almost anywhere in the train – even right next to the outer shell.