Managed switches, firewalls and access points from Hirschmann™ can now be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET environments

Convenient systems engineering

PROFINET has become one of the most important communication standards in the field of automation. As a full member of the PROFINET user organization since 2006, Hirschmann™ was the first independent supplier of network technology to bring devices for this standard to the market. Now all managed switches, firewalls and access points within the OpenRail, MICE, MACH, OCTOPUS, EAGLE and OpenBAT product families feature built-in support for the entire functional scope of PROFINET.

Network devices can be configured and monitored using the plug-and-play principle, enabling you to benefit from convenient, system-wide engineering. What's more, our comprehensive product portfolio permits you to build homogeneous PROFINET solutions with end-to-end features such as management, diagnostic and filter functions, and a variety of redundancy protocols, security mechanisms and real-time applications. You obtain by far the most extensive functional scope in the field of automation. All this makes Hirschmann™ the ideal partner when it comes to PROFINET, and for consulting, support and service as well as hardware.


The managed switches in the OpenRail, MICE, MACH and OCTOPUS product families are available as robust layer 2 and layer 3 devices. Depending on the individual family, they are designed for use in switch cabinets or distribution boxes, or directly attached to a machine. Furthermore, use of an EAGLE firewall provides you with reliable protection against attacks on the network. In addition to the above, the industry-grade wireless LAN systems provided by the OpenBAT platform give you the necessary flexibility and reliability to connect mobile users to both local installations and large-scale networks.

The PROFINET network devices from Hirschmann™ are ideal for high-availability solutions in a wide range of industries. In the automotive industry, for example, where the companies participating in AIDA (automation initiative of the German automotive industry) have opted for PROFINET as the network standard for end-to-end automation of production facilities. Another area that can profit from Hirschmann™ network devices is mechanical engineering. This is because all companies supplying components to the automotive industry have been requested to equip their systems with a PROFINET interface compliant with the AIDA specifications.