Industrial HiVision 6.0 - Network Visualization and Configuration Software

Hirschmann Industrial HiVision 6.0 Network Management Software offers rich security functionalities for all industrial applications

The new Industrial HiVision 6.0 software increases uptime by reducing unauthorized access to the network and delivering effective device management for a wide range of industrial applications.

Offering advanced security features to reduce exposure to outside threats, the software provides reliable configuration and supervision of both new and existing industrial Ethernet networks.


Streamlined network management

  • Comprehensive security functionalities offer all around infrastructure protection by providing a graphical status of the network topology and alerts of where changes have been made to the network

Enhanced security

  • Designed with new user roles feature that assigns access rights to Industrial HiVision, reducing the threat of unauthorized changes
  • Security status screen highlights the current state of each Hirschmann network device, minimizing network misconfigurations

Maximized Efficiency

  • Security lockdown feature simplifies network security deployment by allowing the administrator to apply security functions with just a few clicks
  • Improvements for HiMobile Version 2.0 program includes visibility into Industrial HiVision subdomains, meaning engineers can view the status of a complete network in one view

Details about the new Industrial HiVision 6.0 Network Management Software can be found at:

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Hirschmann Industrial HiVision

Industrial HiVision software is ideal for configuring and supervising all Hirschmann and GarrettCom manageable devices.

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