Hirschmann™ MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Gigabit Switch for easier installation, space savings and higher network availability

The redesigned Hirschmann MSP30-X Modular Ethernet Gigabit Switch gives customers the highest network availability in the harshest of environments. The new version maintains its original modular and flexible design, but now includes enhancements to save customers more time, costs and space.

This gigabit switch brings completely new advantages to the industrial market, giving customers the ability to place them directly in the operations area. Previously, Ethernet devices were located in the control room, and only fixed, configured products could be used in the operations area.


The rugged design of the MSP30-X switch is approved by global GL standards for Environmental Category D and is certified for use in transportation, machine building, power transmission and distribution, and oil and gas, as well as other hazardous areas.

Uptime in harsh environments
Safeguarded for use in humid temperatures and dusty conditions, as well as in applications with networks strained by continuous high vibration.

Wall-mounting capability
New mounting feature saves customers both costs and space, while also improving the ease of installation.

Modular and flexible
Pulling from its original design, the MSP30-X switch maintains its modularity and flexibility, while now including specifications to make it ideal for harsh industrial areas, like engine rooms.

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Fully modular and ruggedized Gigabit switch with Layer 3 capabilities – designed to perform in harsh industrial conditions.

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New Features on Hirschmann Modular Switch Enable Easier Installation, Space Savings and Higher Network Availability

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