Hirschmann™ MSP Switch with Extensive Routing Functions

New MSP30 switch delivers maximum productivity at all times

Belden has extended its range of Hirschmann MSP30 configurable modular rail switches for mission-critical applications by adding the managed MSP30 Layer 3 switch. This new switch provides extensive routing functions that enable communication between physically separated networks. It also supports unique security functions that guarantee all-around protection for the network and deliver maximum productivity at all times. Last but not least, standard redundancy protocols permit network segmentation into sub-rings, enhancing network availability even further.br:


Maximum network availability

The new MSP30 switch sets the standard for network availability, while its modular design allows for flexible and cost-effective solutions.

A range of security functions

The MSP30 Layer 3 software offers a combination of extensive routing and security functions that make this modular switch the most powerful industrial Ethernet system for DIN rails.

Suitable for harsh environments

Thanks to its ruggedized design, the device is suitable for use in harsh conditions near the shop floor, facilitating direct routing to other production floors without the need for a backbone router.

Flexible and cost-effective

  • Problem-free adaption to the most varied network topologies.
  • Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) support allows terminal equipment to be powered straight from the data line without the need for additional power packs or extra cables.

Further information about our MSP30 Layer 3 switch is available here:

New Product Bulletin

MSP30-L3_Webpic_product bulletin_INIT_HIR_0714_EMEA_215x87px.jpg

This new managed rail switch offers - for the first time - high-performance routing combined with the unique security functions of the MSP30 family. Therefore maximum productivity is ensured at all times for connected machines and systems.

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Hirschmann’s MSP30 Layer 3 Switch Ensures Maximum Productivity for Connected Systems and Machines

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