New Security, Capacity, and Ease of Use Features with the Classic Switch Software Version 9.0

The most powerful operating system for Industrial Ethernet switches

The Hirschmann MACH, MICE, Rail and OCTOPUS products will benefit from the many new features of the Classic Software v09.0.00. These include security enhancements to the devices running the software, more options for controlling how users can access the network infrastructure devices, as well as functions for restricting access to the network itself.


As industrial networks are growing in size, this release removes some limitations on network expansion which were previously found on the MACH products. Finally, as customer demand for Power over Ethernet increases, the new Manual PoE Management function ensures the maximum number of devices can be powered using the available power.

Key Differentiator:
Technologies change quickly. And so do your industrial network infrastructure needs. A product you implemented in the past may have suited your requirements at the time, but today key features may be missing. Belden provides free of charge Hirschmann software upgrades, ensuring that your device is as state-of-the-art today as when you first installed it.

Target Applications:
The software offers security, scalability, and ease of use functions which are relevant to all vertical markets where MACH, MICE, Rail and OCTOPUS devices are installed.

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