Hirschmann™ OCTOPUS OS30/34 switch adds Gigabit Ethernet and routing functionalities for reliable network connectivity

With four Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports, added routing functionalities and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, the new OCTOPUS OS30/34 extends the feature set of Hirschmann’s OCTOPUS series to achieve maximum network availability in today’s data-rich industrial settings.


Multiple Configurable Footprints

  • The smaller housing allows for a maximum of 20 ports, including four Gigabit ports and up to 15 PoE ports
  • The full-sized OCTOPUS adds eight additional Fast Ethernet ports for a total of 28 ports per OCTOPUS

Operational Reliability

  • Includes the latest bypass relay feature specified in IEC 61375, comprehensive security mechanisms and comfortable diagnostic features to support reliable networking
  • With GE ports available in copper or fiber, the modular hardware and software provide maximum flexibility for a future-proof network design and best possible investment protection

Extended Feature Range

  • Available with either Layer 3 routing software or with Layer 2 switching software
  • Robust connectivity and Gigabit ports for access to high-speed backbones powering local Gigabit devices through PoE, e.g., digital video recorders and wireless local area network (WLAN) access points

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This flexible switch delivers maximum network availability and accelerated data transfers under extreme environmental conditions.

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Hirschmann OCTOPUS Switch Offers Gigabit Ethernet and Routing Functionalities, Delivers Reliable Data Communication

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