Hirschmann™ OCTOPUS switches provide reliable data communication in the International Space Station (ISS)

Out in space, technology has to withstand the most extreme conditions. That is why industry-proven managed OCTOPUS switches are used for data communication in the International Space Station, where they have been working reliably for years.

High radiation resistance

On the ISS, the OCTOPUS switches are subjected to electromagnetic radiation that is around 100 times higher than on earth. 90 percent of this radiation is caused by high-energy protons. Prior to being used in space, the OCTOPUS switches underwent extensive testing, in which the radiation-sensitive integrated switch circuits proved their suitability for their sojourn in space.

Versatile applications

After proving their worth in the communication system of the Russian segment of the ISS, the OCTOPUS switches have also been in use since 2011 in the American segment, which, among other things, also houses the Cupola, the observatory module with seven large segmented windows, , known from numerous photos. In addition, the OCTOPUS switches transport data from the space station's joint LAN (Local Area Network), via which videos in HD quality are to be transmitted in future from the Cupola to ground control.


Tried-and-tested technology

OCTOPUS switches have proven their worth repeatedly in demanding industrial applications.

Space qualified

Robust design withstands both extreme differences in temperature, pressure, and high radiation.

Positive experiences

Since the OCTOPUS switches functioned smoothly in the Russian segment of the space station, they are now also being used in the American segment.

Case Study


OCTOPUS IP67 industrial Ethernet switches are part of the Joint Station Local Area Network (LAN) onboard the International Space Station

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