OWL LTE M12 Industrial Cellular Router

Reliably transmit growing amounts of voice, video and data with the high-speed wireless connectivity enabled by the OWL LTE M12 industrial cellular router.

This device was specifically designed for railway and public transportation applications to meet passenger expectations and ensure the system’s connectivity and networking needs.

With its rugged, vibration-proof housing; adherence to the EN50155 standard; and the latest cellular and navigation/tracking technologies, the OWL LTE M12 provides reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity. It enables applications – including passenger information systems (PIS), voice over IP (VoIP), closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) and onboard internet – while also providing remote access to networks and diagnostic data.

Its rich set of features also makes it ideal for mobile applications, such as cranes and robots, where exposure to the elements or heavy vibration is common.

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Product Features

fast wireless connectivity and reliable remote access
Provide the best wireless experience and manage networks remotely through fast and reliable wireless cellular technologies, including LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE technologies.

Optimal performance
Achieve high network availability in harsh industrial settings with this ruggedly-designed, feature-rich cellular router. Utilize its rich set of interfaces for maximum flexibility (dual SIM cards, two LAN ports, an RS232 interface, a USB interface, two digital inputs, two digital outputs and an SD card slot).

Easy to configure and customize
Configure the device with a simple web interface and customize functionalities through application-specific software modules and an open LINUX platform

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