Monitor Hirschmann ™ products worldwide live with the online product web interface

No matter where you are in the world, the Hirschmann™ product web interface provides you with possibility to access a variety of different Hirschmann™ switches via Internet.

Discover this easy-to-use web interface which also allows you to monitor EAGLE20 and BAT54-Rail devices. All units are equipped with the latest software and are updated regularly to give you a quick overview of the new features and their configuration.

To get more information about the features that are available on the site and to learn how to set all functions, you can use the "Help" button located on the bottom right on every page of the web interface.


The instructions can be downloaded as a PDF document. In these instructions you can also find the information to open the specific web interfaces.

In addition, you can monitor these devices live with the "Industrial HiVision Virtual Machine Evaluation Edition". The trial version of Industrial HiVision is available as a self-contained Linux-based virtual machine. On the VMware- and VirtualBox machines Industrial HiVision is already installed. They include a "step by step" guide that includes e.g. the integration of these devices in the network management software.
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