Maximum network security and network availability

The world's most powerful Industrial Ethernet system for DIN rails: The new Hirschmann™ PowerMICE

The new PowerMICE offers unique safety features and innovative hardware redundancy methods. In short: complete protection of the network and maximum network availability. It means that the productivity of the connected machines and equipment is ensured at all times. In addition, terminals can be powered cost-effectively thanks to PoE Plus support - without additional wiring or additional power supplies.


When the Modular Industrial Communication Equipment family (MICE) was introduced to the market in 2002, it marked a milestone in network technology. These Industrial Ethernet switches for DIN rails can be equipped with various media modules, which means that both the functions as well as the Ethernet ports can be individually assembled.

This benefit is also offered by the third generation of the PowerMICE family. This IPv6-ready switch is offered in three basic versions for 12, 20 or 28 ports, each supporting a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet module. The second generation, the previous PowerMICE version can therefore be easily replaced. In addition, depending on the version, the switch can be fitted with up to six 4-port Fast Ethernet media modules for twisted pair cables, different optical fiber types or I/O functionality. This gives you maximum flexibility and future proofing.

You can use the new PowerMICE wherever reliable and uninterrupted data communication is required. Since this switch can be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET and EtherNet/IP environments, manufacturing cells in the automotive industry can be reliably integrated at the control level.

The new PowerMICE delivers secure control and process monitoring in the backbone of networks in the petrochemical industry. Furthermore, it can be used to network wind turbines, road tunnels or railway stations. It can also be used in many industries for transferring Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), allowing you to integrate video surveillance systems into a network.

The switch incorporates security mechanisms that regulate network access and protect against attacks. These include port security, DHCP Snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, IP Source Guard, ingress / egress ACL, sFlow, Storm Control, automatic Denial-of-Service prevention and port access control via 802.1x including multi-client authentication, Radius VLAN/policy assignment and guest/unauthenticated VLAN. Hardware redundancy methods such as PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High Availability Seamless Redundancy) also ensure uninterrupted data communication. As a result, the new PowerMICE offers maximum performance for your network – or simply a feeling of security.

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Thanks to its unique security functions, the new PowerMICE guarantees all-round network protection, allowing maximum productivity for connected machines and systems at all times.

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Belden adds New PowerMICE to its Hirschmann product portfolio

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