Hirschmann presents new brochure for SPIDER III Switch Family

New brochure helps you choose the right unmanaged switch. Your needs define Standard or Premium.

The SPIDER III family of industrial Ethernet switches offers both Standard and Premium options. Which to use depends on the specific requirements for your application. Both are easy to install and will help you maximize your network availability.

SPIDER III_Brochure_Image

The SPIDER III Standard Line switches are suitable for both harsh environments and applications in which switch management is unnecessary.

The SPIDER III Premium Line switches expand on the benefits of the Standard Line offerings by adding configurable switch functionality typically only found in managed switches and meet a broader range of market-specific certifications, standards and approvals.

In the eight-page brochure you will discover, which special features characterize the different versions of the SPIDER III Standard and Premium Line Switches and for which industries or applications they are especially suitable thanks to special certifications. It also explains how you can configure with four easy steps a Premium Line switch via a USB interface.

The German and English version of the new Hirschmann SPIDER III brochure are available immediately. You can download the new brochures either as a PDF file from the Downloadcenter or order a printed version via the Literature Webshop. Both versions are free of charge. Belden’s partners can obtain the brochure via the Partner Portal.

Hirschmann Brochure SPIDER III Standard and Premium Line Switches

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