Technology know-how from the Industrial Ethernet pioneer

Hirschmann™ launches new website focused on network technology

How can network redundancy be achieved for uninterrupted data communication with switchover times of 0 milliseconds? What options do embedded switches offer you to simplify the design of your networks, enhance their performance and create more flexible topologies? How can you eliminate interfering radio frequencies in wireless LAN (WLAN)? And how can all-round protection against electrostatic discharges be achieved?


These are just some of the topics explained expertly and clearly on the new Technology Website from Belden whose Hirschmann™ brand is a pioneer in Industrial Ethernet. Other aspects include high-precision clock synchronization in the sub-microsecond range over Ethernet networks (Precision Time Protocol, PTPv2) or power supply for terminals via the data cable (Power over Ethernet, PoE).

In short: The new technology website provides you with lots of useful information about high-availability networks to ensure smooth production processes. In terms of implementing these networks, we support you with comprehensive know-how and our Hirschmann™ product portfolio, ranging from Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches, industry-standard firewall and WLAN systems, to uniform management software.