Fiber Interfaces - Fiber Optic Fieldbus Repeaters / Modems

With fiber interfaces, you can transmit data over several miles/kilometers. Even when facing harsh industrial operating conditions, fiber components maintain high availability and redundancy. Plus, optical transmission offers numerous advantages in process, manufacturing and offshore applications, as well as in traffic control, inter-building networks and alarm or signaling systems in control rooms.

Product Overview


Fieldbus Repeaters

Fiber Interface Repeaters for standardized fieldbus protocols


Optical Bypass Relay

Optical relay for bridging Ethernet switches in the event of power outages


Fiber Interface Accessories

Power Supplies and DIN Rail Adapters


Fiber Converters

Hirschmann's compact RS232 / V.24 digital plug-on modules


OptoQuick Components

OptoQuick components for integration of fiber-optic interfaces into devices