OCTOPUS 8TX-EEC and OCTOPUS 8TX PoE-EEC Compact Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

The OCTOPUS 8TX switches offer a compact networking solution for harsh industrial environments with high network load, like those required by high-definition IP-cameras.

The 8-port, unmanaged Ethernet switches accommodate the need for easy-to-implement solutions in small industrial network applications, specifically the transportation setting.


Easy-to-implement, space-saving design

  • The switch comes ready-to-use straight out of the box, and provides easy, direct installation without needing to house in cabinets.
  • In areas where space is a premium, such as metro and bus systems, the OCTOPUS 8TX-EEC is compact and allows for installation in field applications with minimal space requirements.

Approved for transportation applications

  • The OCTOPUS 8TX-EEC meets application-specific regulations, including EN 50155 for operating conditions in railway vehicles, EN 50121-4 for use along railway lines, EN 45545 for fire protection in trains, and e1 for use in road vehicles.

Ideal for industrial environments

  • The switch has an IP67 rating and is built to withstand demanding operating conditions, including extreme temperatures, high vibration, water and dust.

Details about the OCTOPUS 8TX switches can be found at:

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Industrieller Mobilfunkrouter OWL LTE

This 8-port switches are part of the OCTOPUS family, and deliver a simple-to-install and space-saving solution for smaller industrial networks, specifically in transportation and machine building settings.

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