HiSecOS - Hirschmann Security Operating System

Software Platform for Hirschmann EAGLE Security Router family


HiSecOS is the latest operating system for Industrial Security Routers, combining performance with robust security. It provides the user with comprehensive security mechanisms to protect networks against attacks and operating errors.

Designed to fulfill the requirements of the IEEE1686 standard, functions such as audit trail and user management with password policies are implemented right from the beginning.

To exceed these requirements and be prepared for future standards, secure configuration interfaces like HTTPS, SNMPv3 and SSHv2 and secure communication with VPN (IPSec) are part of the functionality, as is a unique configuration encryption.

Classic NAT functions, including 1:1 NAT and Masquerading, complemented with VRRP, OSPFv2 and other advanced features allow migration from Layer 2 networks to routed networks with maximum availability. Wirespeed DoS protection and stateless packet filters like ACL and Traffic Rate Limiters provide highest security combined with minimal latency for mission critical applications.

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