Certifications and Appovals

OCTOPUS PoE-switches officially approved for use in vehicles

public transport bus


A prerequisite for electronic devices when installed in vehicles is the e1 mark. Manufacturers have to apply for this mark at the responsible authorities and to prove the conformity to the respective European directive. We proudly announce that our IP67 switches with PoE ports have passed all tests and have received the e1 approval.

All managed OCTOPUS with e1 mark

The vehicle approval for the PoE versions enables us now to offer the complete series of managed IP67 switches for applications in road vehicles. PoE is especially important for busses, where for example IP cameras use a single cable for power and data.



The OCTOPUS IP 67 system

First Manageable Ruggedized IP67 PoE switch

  • Extended management by SNMP
  • Redundancy via HIPER-Ring/MRP and Rapid Spanning Tree
  • Access control by IEEE 802.1X

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Managed IP67 Switches