OCTOPUS Product overview

OCTOPUS: Variety for Customized Solutions

Over 100 different designs offer an optimum solution for a variety of application scenarios.

OCTOPUS switches are maintenance-free and characterized by optimum reliability. In addition, a variety of redundancy mechanisms ensure that production still continues should the worst happen.


Compact Unmanaged OCTOPUS Ethernet Switches

Unmanaged Ethernet switches with protective metal housing, designed for reliable and secure data transmission and video streaming in harsh industrial environments.


Unmanaged and Basic Managed OCTOPUS Fast Ethernet Switches

The unmanaged switches in the OCTOPUS family can be used to set up cost-effective connections to Ethernet terminal devices even under the harshest environmental conditions. PoE versions can power terminal devices operating in even the most challenging environments directly via the Ethernet cable, doing away with the need for additional power supply units.


Managed OCTOPUS Fast Ethernet Switches

Managed switches guarantee the highest availability in demanding environments due to redundancy solutions and network monitoring. Versions with PoE support allow these devices to be powered via a data cable, meaning no additional power supplies are needed.


Managed OCTOPUS Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Routers

This performance class offers four uplink ports in Fast Ethernet or Gigabit speed to enable high-speed connections, new routing functionalities and bypass relays specified in IEC 61375. Versions with PoE support including the Gigabit ports allow terminal devices to be powered via a data cable, meaning no additional power supplies are needed.

Full Gigabit Managed OCTOPUS Switches-136x106

Managed OCTOPUS Full Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Routers

The Full Gigabit managed OCTOPUS PoE switches come equipped with full Gigabit Ethernet capability on all ports to optimize network performance in harsh, condensed operating settings.

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