EAGLE20 Tofino

Zone Level Security™ for your control network


Protect your control system against network problems and cyber threats. The Tofino Industrial Security Solution is a distributed security solution that quickly and cost-effectively implements cyber security protection within your control network.

You may not be attacked by a serious hacker, but conventional control networks are extremely vulnerable to simple day-to-day security issues. Poor network segmentation, unprotected points of entry into the network, “soft“ targets such as unpatched PCs and vulnerable PLCs, and human error can result in significant production losses and even safety issues.

Tofino’s flexible architecture allows you to create security zones - Zone Level Security - throughout your control network to protect critical system components. Tofino helps you meet and exceed NERC CIP requirements and IEC 62443 Standards. And best of all, it helps you avoid expensive down time and achieve optimal performance in your plant.

Key Benefits:

  • No IT knowledge required
  • Enhanced security and safety
    - Extend Cyber Security down into the control network
  • Simplified regulatory and standards compliance
    - IEC 62443

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EAGLE20 Tofino

Zone Level Security for your control network

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  • TB EAGLE Tofino™ - Stuxnet VirusThis Technical Bulletin describes how to use the EAGLE Tofino Industrial Security Solution to prevent the spread of the Stuxnet worm in both Siemens and non-Siemens network environments. (Download PDF 1.1MB)