Industrial Security System

Controlled access to the network

The effective Industrial firewall system offers a scalable security function, beginning with a clear firewall, firewall with VPN (Virtual Private Network) up to a Data Diode with a secure one way communication.

  • Highly efficient Industrial Security System
  • Distributed security solution
  • Redundancy for high availability
  • Scalable operating concept

Production plant or remote maintenance access to production plant can be easily and securely segmented. Transmit data from a secure part of a network to a potentially infected network for e.g. monitoring reasons.


Tofino Xenon Security Appliance

The Tofino Xenon industrial security appliance provides comprehensive network protection. It is a versatile, extremely ruggedized device that ensures maximum data protection for production systems.


EAGLE One Security Router

The EAGLE One industrial security router is a new milestone for data security in automation.


EAGLE20-0400 and EAGLE30-0402

Multiple-port firewalls that deliver significant cost savings whilst achieving greater link speeds.


Data Diode RDD20

The Rail Data Diode RDD20 enables a one way transmission from a secure part of a network to a vulnerable part and makes sure that no data traffic on the vulnerable part can influence the secure part.