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Hirschmann™ Operating System HiOS 5.0

HiOS 5.0 is a new software release that offers additional functions for the latest generation of Hirschmann’s industrial Ethernet switches.

  • Improved efficiency and maximum flexibility: Installation of complex networks
  • Future-proof: Optimum product continuity well into the future
  • Highest availability: Construction of fail-safe networks

Your Benefits

Hirschmann HiOS software is well known as an operating system with unique redundancy and security features that enable it to provide maximum network availability and data security for efficient production processes.

This latest version adds further capability to your state-of-the-art hardware. It adds extended authentication mechanism, for single sign-on within an organization, and role management for more flexible security. The addition of Device Level Ring (DLR) provides a rapid Layer 2 redundancy mechanism which does not require data duplication. For backwards compatibility with existing networks, HiOS 5.0 now supports HIPER Ring client mode combined with Link Aggregation.

With HiOS 5.0, you have access to the widest range by far of standard functions and special features for the automation sector.

Operating System HiOS 5.0

Version 5.0 of the Hirschmann Operating System (HiOS) supports various security mechanisms, comprehensive management and diagnostic methods, routing, precise time synchronization and redundancy protocols, thus ensuring maximum network availability.

HiOS 5.0 provides additional fault finding and ease of use tools for all devices running L2S software. New security and redundancy functionality is provided from L2A onwards. Highly flexible PoE management is provided for the RSPE, MSP, and OCTOPUS devices.

HiOS was developed specifically to meet the requirements of the automation sector. The Hirschmann switches in the RSP, RSPE (Expandable), RSPL (Lite), RSPS (Smart), RED, Embedded Ethernet (EES), GREYHOUND families, and OCTOPUS series, as well as the modular MSP system, are ideally suited to virtually any application that calls for maximum network availability. Examples include automotive production, transportation, and power transmission and distribution.

HiOS offers Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) for the energy sector, where IEC61850 servers can be used to forward diagnostic information directly to control systems. The switches thus become an integral part of applications such as protection devices.

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Product Description

HiOS also extends the range of applications for the latest generation of Industrial Ethernet products from Hirschmann. From cabling through switches and routers, supplemented by WLAN, firewalls and network management software, a seamless high availability solution for state-of-the-art automation networks is now available from a single supplier.

Benefits at a glance

HiOS 5.0 software equips DIN rail and panel mount devices with additional fault finding and ease of use functionality, while devices running L2A or higher software versions benefit from new security options and state-of-the-art redundancy technology.

  • Highest availability: Device Level Ring (DLR) provides sub 3ms network fault recovery.
  • Backwards compatibility with HIPER Ring ensures that existing network can continue to be expanded many years into the future.
  • Comprehensive security: Authentication via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) permits users to benefit from a single sign-on across an organization. Customized roles means that users can be assigned the correct read/write rights for the task.
  • Rapid Fault Finding: N:1 Port Mirroring and VLAN Mirroring enable the technical support engineer to focus on exactly the information required for fault finding. Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN) means that mirrored traffic can be send to the exact network location where it is required..
  • Industrial Protocols: Support for EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP means that devices running HiOS 5.0 can be managed in native industrial applications..
  • Flexible Power over Ethernet: The amount of power delivered to an end device can be manually configured. This permits the greatest flexibility in the use of available power. Fast Startup means that switches provide PoE to end devices even while the switches are still booting.
  • User-friendly management: The Industrial HiVision network management software offers extensive configuration and monitoring functionality, both for products with installed HiOS software and for third-party devices.

Technical Information

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Operating System HiOS 5.0 - Software

For the first time offers DLR running on a wide range of hardware platforms, from entry level switches to high end modular or IP67 switches and routers.

New Product Bulletin

Hirschmann™ Betriebssystem HiOS 3.jpg

HiOS 5.0 is a new software release that offers additional functions for the latest generation of Hirschmann’s industrial Ethernet switches.

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